Meeting the grandparents!!

my baby girl and i are going to officially meet her grandparents(my parents)…i am exited and nervous at the same time…I didn’t follow the ‘expected’ path the every parent dreams of…you know the… go to school then get a job finally get married.I have a very strict father so am pretty nervous.

My mother is overjoyed.Her granddaughter is her everything….(sometimes i can be jealous 😁)this trip will teach me me alot hopefully.As i go i am going to be exta humble amd patient…I think my dad cannot believe that his little princess  is now somebody’s  else’s queen.I can’t wait to see them.I pray that everything will turn out well.


Stay at home mum!!

When i got my baby nobody told me how to handle it…one day i was a girl the next am a wife and mommy…its the most hardest but most rewarding job ever!!

Munchkin is 7months old and am still learning… I would love to share to the world about my journey….whether it’s the ups or downs the good or bad hopefully i would be able to get some tips..